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Danielle S

Do you want to travel there once, constantly, or live there? There are an array of jobs that require international travel in a multitude of industries. It really depends on your interest. A flight attendant doesn't require a high level of education but flexibility in your ability to move around the country and be away from home days at a time on a constant basis.

Other general industries:
-Law (International areas of law, acquisitions, negotiations, etc...)
-International Business
-Professional Buyer

I would propose taking a vacation to explore parts of Europe and see how you like it first, before you base a career on it. I have been to 13 European cities in 3 countries (France, Italy, and Spain) within the last year. I own a business and this gives me the option to travel all over the world. There are many industries and job positions that afford you this opportunity you just have to find something you're interested in.

Answered 9 years ago

Danielle S