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Victoria Barton Rosenthal

Its sounds like you'd be great working as a representative in resort.

When you start out, you will be responsible for meeting and greeting guests at the airport and dropping them off at their hotel. You will usually be assigned a hotel of your own where you will be based. Customers will come to you as a point of information for advice and ideas on excursions, sightseeing, shopping and eating. You will be part of a wider team of representatives and will be able to enjoy some of the excursions that your guests go on, and resort life.

It's not always plain sailing though, sometimes there will be complaints, and as the face of the organisation, guests will expect you to be able to resolve everything! You may also have to help in times of crisis (like the ash cloud a few years ago) and when planes are delayed. Don't let that put you off though.

There is plenty of room for growth, you may start off as a rep, progress to team leader where you will be responsible for other reps, work your way up to be the regional manager in charge of all the reps in resort, and eventually progress to area manager in charge of all the reps, regional managers and other resort staff in the country!

Answered 7 years ago

Victoria Barton Rosenthal