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Bijal Patel

There are several carrers that involve travel and some tourism that you can build in. I think it depends on your interests. For example, if you have a passion for photography, you can pursue this in various areas of the world. To evolve this, you can also do event photography around the country/world (i.e. engagement/wedding photo shoots). Other options include religious/cultural studies or global public health that would allow you to learn, experience and potentially influence cultures and societies around the world.

Answered 3 years ago

Bijal Patel


I am a current student majoring in International Studies which has been a great experience. Although it seems relatively obvious to major in this if you like to travel, it depends on which school you go to just as much as the degree you get. I go to a college that supports different type of study abroad experiences even to majors such as pre-med/health and math!

Besides looking for those types of schools and programs, I also focused my studies on a specific region on the world and then looked for summer and even semester internships involved that region! One of the internships I got ended up taking me to Russia for a semester! In all, I have been abroad for two semesters in two different countries and I did a semester-long program in Washington D.C. which was amazing.

My suggestion is to major in something that you love to do, whether it be marketing, history, science, etc. because almost everything nowadays has an international component. The difference is looking for a flexible program/school that will allow you to gain that international experience! The more practical experience you have coming out of school, the more valuable you are to employers, as well.

Answered 4 years ago