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UC college is getting more and more expensive. Tuition is rising every year and classes are often impacted. Same with a lot of state schools. A way to make the most of your education is:
1. Know what field you want to go into (changing majors can delay your graduation)
2. Check various "hidden" scholarship programs your school may have. Schools can pay students who (for example) do a lot of volunteer work, do summer research programs, or be a "minority" (like being a woman of color in a computer engineering major). Stuff like that can help outside of fafsa and college grant money. Sometimes teachers can nominate outstanding students for awards and such.
3. Live off campus if you can and if you don't get much financial aid from the school (for some low income student they would love financial aid if they live off campus and the cost would actually be more expensive).
4. You can file as an independent from your parents also. That may save you money.

Answered 6 months ago