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Wolfgang Siqueiros

I have found in the past that most scholarships are legit when found when they are directly linked to the college it self. Every college should have a page that has certain scholarships that students can apply to. Colleges have to prescreen these types of scholarships before posting anything on their website.

Depending on the grade level you are in, you may also do some research and find prior recipients of the certain scholarships, to make sure it is really a legit scholarship.

Answered 2 years ago

Wolfgang  Siqueiros

Tanya Zhelezcheva


I think that you would do better if you ask whether a specific website is legitimate.

Since applying for scholarship will require that you give out sensitive information (social security number, address, etc.), it is very important that you proceed with caution.

One way to be sure that you are not giving information to the wrong people is to apply for scholarships awarded by the school to which you are applying. Four-year universities and colleges have different types of scholarships: scholarships for merit, scholarship based on need, or scholarships based on specific criteria.

Scholarships on merit will require that you have at least a certain GPA and that would vary from scholarship to scholarship and from school to school. Some may want 2.5, others 3.8. Merit scholarships may also require that you submit letters of recommendation so you need to stay in touch with faculty who will support you. You may also be asked to write a personal statement, which is another topic and I would be happy to answer that question separately. These scholarships vary in monetary reward. Some may cover a good portion of your tuition for all of your studies but will also want you to maintain a certain GPA. Others are for a semester or two.

Scholarship based on need depend on your family income. The maximum income which your family may have, again, will depend on the scholarship.

Other scholarships might be based on a other criteria. For instance, there are scholarships for single mothers; others for minority students, still others for students in certain majors. Sometimes, requirements are more complicated: a single mother, who has been enrolled for at least one semester and has earned at least 15 credits.

Looking for scholarships is time-consuming and you should budget enough time and stay organized because there will be many deadlines to follow.

I highly recommend that you speak with the appropriate person at the school where you are accepted or trying to be accepted.

As a word of encouragement--my higher education depended entirely on receiving merit scholarships, and you do not need to be a genius to do it though you do need to work hard.

Best of luck and keep asking questions!

Answered 5 years ago

Tanya Zhelezcheva