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Elizabeth Price

First list your priorities on what is most important to you in a career. Also, check into the requirements to become a Veterinarian. Are these requirements something you can see your self completing? Veterinarians have to go to 4 years of undergraduate school then 4 years of Veterinary School (total of 8 Years) to get their Veterinary Degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Some will go on to do a Residency if they want to specialize in something like Zoo medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Opthalmology, Equine Medicine, or many more. You can also call a local Veterinarian to see if you can shadow them for a day or two and see what they really do. Maybe seeing some of the day to day things a Vet does will help. There are many different kinds of Vets and Vet specialists therefore the possibilities are wide.

Answered 7 years ago

Elizabeth Price