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Elizabeth Price

There are many careers with animals and it all depends on what specific interest you have with animals. Here is a list of common animal careers:

1. Veterinarian (General practitioner or a variety of specialties such as- Behaviorist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Large Animal medicine, Zoo medicine, Exotic/pocket pet medicine, Surgeon, emergency specialist, Internal medicine, Ophthalmologist, Radiologist and many others!)
2. Zoo Keeper (at large zoos or smaller local zoos)
3. Veterinary technician (again many different specialties or general practice)
4. Dog trainer
5. Biologist, zoologist, herpetologist, marine biologist, (less working directly with animals, but you can in a lab or from observation in the field)
6. Dog and Cat Groomer or Caretaker
7. Park Ranger
8. Wildlife Rehabilitator
9. Animal Shelter director/manager
10. Farm manager (cows, chickens, pigs)
11. Research and teaching

Below is a link to a full A-Z list from Cornell university to give you a complete list!


Answered 7 years ago

Elizabeth Price