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Linda Scott

Since we have had several dogs over the past 30 years, I would like to at least comment on what a good vet is like. First they have to love animals of all kinds - the big farm animals have specially trained vets. Our vets have always been very kind. We have taken our new ones there to be checked out and have taken our very ill ones to have put to sleep. We find that we have to have a lot of faith in our vet. Putting an animal down is very difficult for the owners, so the vet has to be very professional, yet comforting. It's not enough to deal with the pet that's seriously ill or injured, but he/she has to deal with the owners. I said goodbye to ours and left the room. The vet can be a specialist, like a vet for reptiles, and people will drive for miles to get treatment. This is not a job for those who don't like the idea of drawing blood, repairing damage to a pet hit by a car and deciding when a wart is a wart and not the sign of cancer. If you have a good rapport with people and pets and can work swiftly when a life is at stake, you will make a good vet. You might try to see if any vets around you will let you have an unpaid internship.

Answered 9 years ago

Linda Scott