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How can I make the most money writing? I write music (lyrics and music), poems, short stories, (just a few), articles, and books.

I have just written a couple of "gift books" which are not long, just more for entertainment, non-fiction. I am looking into publishing them now. I am also writing my life's story, and have a lot of songs written. I have thought about trying to sell them to some music groups or creating a recording to sell/market. I have many book ideas, some for children, pre-teens and teens. Also books on marriage, and parenting and sex.

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Paige Frame

Many creative writers have another job that pays the bills, but that other job could be writing, too. I would encourage you to look into technical writing, grant/proposal writing, marketing writing, and general business writing. Not only would a job in one of these areas help supplement your income, you might find that they help your creative juices flow when you switch gears and work on your more creative projects. One of the best proposal writers I ever knew was also a very accomplished fiction writer.

Answered 5 years ago

Paige Frame

Barry Tarshis

Except for poems, I've tried my hand at all the creative, money-making possibilities mentioned in your question. So let me try to answer as best I can.

All things considered, the least lucrative writing-related art form, obviously, is poetry, followed closely by short storie--and followed even closely (based on my own experience) by selling music to groups. The supply in each of these areas far exceeds the demand.

As far as the rest goes, it's certainly possible to make a good deal of money if, by some chance, you write a novel that becomes a best-seller, but the odds are very long.

The truth is--and I had to be the bearer of bad news--, but the percentage of people who make even a decent living writing the things they really enjoy writing is very small--especially when it comes to the all the online outlets that publish articles and essays.

All that said, unless you have already established a reputation for your self as a writer, the only truly practical way to earn a living as writer these days is to find a job (or at least some freelance assignments) from an organization or company that is in an unglamours field but nonetheless publishes "advertorial-type" documents. It's not inspiring work, but it can pay the bills while you're working things you care about. Hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago

Barry Tarshis