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John Kunney

Writers are very valuable in today s job market and your skill will definitely give you many options to choose from on where you want to start your career pursuit. It provides you with tangible, practical skills that employers value highly and that will never be obsolete. Your passions fit within the publishing industry in the following ways:

-analytical and knowledge-building skills;
-evaluative and critical thinking skills;
-creative thinking skills;
-effective oral and written communication skills;
-critical and reflective reading skills;
-problem solving and pattern intelligence skills;
-numerical skills;
-synthesis skills and the ability to express the results of analysis and evaluation;
-the ability to pose meaningful questions that advance understanding and knowledge;
-the ability to conduct research and organize material effectively;
-information literacy and other skills associated with learning how to learn;
-the exercise of independent judgment and ethical decision-making;
-the ability to meet goals, manage time, and complete a project successfully;
-self-confidence and self-understanding;
-the ability to cooperate with others and work in teams;
- a sensitivity to individuals and tolerance of cultural differences;
-the ability to use equipment; and
-an informed openness to new information technologies.

Enter the links below within your address bar and see what businesses say is a critical skill that today s college graduates are lacking. Fortunately for you, you already have a head start on them and you didn t even graduate college:




I should know how critical reading and writing skills are in today s job market. I majored in English and it has definitely led to a very prosperous and enjoyable career. From reading your letter I think you re just like me. We both have a love for writing and reading. Please keep in mind that writing is a great profession to pursue and the demand is great.

Answered 5 years ago

John Kunney