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John Kunney

Ever consider a career in technical writing? You will be utilizing the skills you just mentioned to include reading, writing, and being creative. You might want to add strong research skills as well. In my field you're focused on writing detailed instructions that allow the user to carry out certain tasks. Your true purpose is to make the complicated seem easy and if you succeed, they will like your work.

For the most part you could work for various industries writing technical manuals on how to use or maintain their products. For me one minute I could be writing a manual for a cargo plane, the next for a tactical fighter, or the next an unmanned aerial vehicle (or UAV). The subjects of the manuals are always changing and are very exciting to work with. I wrote manuals on how to remove and install parts and components, maintain, inspect, or operate the product.

What I also love the most about my job is I pretty much work on my own. My boss isn't always looking over my shoulder and I can work at my own pace. My writing skills are always tested as well as my creativity. What I also like the most about my job is that I work as a freelancer where I m basically my own boss. I get to travel a lot since most of my clients rarely exist in one spot. On top of this most companies are willing to pay for your living expenses if you agree to take on the project.

If you're great at writing research papers then report writing would probably be your strong suit. In this field you only have to thoroughly inform your client exactly what is going on with a certain project. Here you're not writing for entertainment, but to keep people in the loop on progress made or setbacks and to describe what actions are being taken to rectify the situation.

Keep in mind that business writing (no matter what field) is in constant demand every year and will need very talented writers to carry out the task at hand. Feel free to drop me a line if you need more information. I can be reached at jnk37@hotmail.com.

Answered 3 years ago

John Kunney