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I have always been a creative indivdual, is there anything i can do to help me decide exactly what direction to take?

Im really unsure what direction to take. id like to help people but im really only good at creativity. if i could show what was in my head and have it make a difference in someones life thats my goal

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Joelle Brinkley

While creativity may be your strong suit, I'm pretty sure that you're also great at other things! I always suggest considering the things you dream about and try to identify what your dream job might look like. I always knew I wanted to help people and thought for sure I'd work in non-profits for my entire career. However, I've moved from the non-profit to education fields and back and since I have a love for both plan to have my own business in the near future that combines all of my passions. Start by researching and writing down some jobs that sound of interest to you and let's go from there!

Answered 1 year ago

Joelle Brinkley