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Anna Helhoski

Figuring out what you like to do and considering making that a part of your career is a great place to start, so kudos! Many people have trouble even getting that far.

Once a hobby becomes your job, you'll still love doing it, but it is your job. For instance, I've always loved writing and I do it daily -- for work and for myself. I do find, however, that I often don't have time or energy to do as much creative or personal writing as I would like because I do it professionally. It's about striking the right balance to make time for writing because I want to, not only because I have to.

That being said, consider pursuing and internship that involves writing and/or photography. On-the-job experience is a great way to learn if it's something you'd actually like to do.

There's a lot of overlap in the industry areas that writers and photographers flock to. They often work for businesses and marketing companies, media and news organizations or for themselves as a freelancer. There's no one right answer, you're going to have to try out a few different positions that involve writing or photography and see what clicks for you.

Answered 6 years ago

Anna Helhoski