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John Kunney

Yes you should do writing as long as it's in your free time. I don't know what field of writing you're referring to. But I'm going to take a guess and assume you mean creative writing. If this is correct make sure that this is a hobby that you would like to see turn into a career. Do not make it a career while it is still a hobby. Remember, you're not getting paid by the hour to write that best seller.

Now there are other writing jobs that do pay by the hour. You can have a writing job that pays hourly while you pursue the other that doesn't. I'm a creative writer who is still trying to write that best seller, but I'm not getting paid by the hour to produce it. However, my primary job (freelance technical writer) no matter what phase of the writing process I'm in, I always get paid by the hour even if I'm not finished with the manual I'm drafting.

Answered 4 years ago

John Kunney