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Jenee Johnson

So you are into English literature? Awesome! Check out your college's course catalog to see what literature classes will peak your interest and then take a couple! Also, you will need to see one of the English professors at your college to become your faculty advisor to get more insight! Also, just read some books for your personal enjoyment!

Answered 5 years ago

Jenee Johnson

John Kunney

Most students avoid classes that require lots of reading and writing. Don’t shy away from such assignments. Look for classes that require you to read more than forty pages a week or write more than twenty pages over the course of an entire semester. Such deep experiences writing and reading improve your reading comprehension and communications skills, both important markers for employers.

Most colleges have reading and writing labs to improve the skills of their students. Log in at least one hour a day there and practice. Concentrate primarily on improving your proofreading skills.

Once you graduate try your best to acquire a proofreader’s position. That’s basically the starting point to become a book editor. But if you desire, you could become your own editor once you master your skills by advertising your services as a freelancer, independent contractor or consultant and simply work for yourself.

Answered 4 years ago

John Kunney