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Samantha Brower

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Media Production.

As far as writing for a newspaper, I don't have any direct experience except for the school paper in college. It was a lot of fun and very exciting. I preferred it over working at a news station, but that's just my preference. Writing for a newspaper allows you more alone time and if you're able to get a job as a reporter, you can write about things you care about. It also allows you to collaborate with your coworkers and throw ideas off each other. There's nothing quite like working in a newsroom. There's also less pressure of meeting a deadline than broadcast journalism. With TV news, it's all about getting stories on-air as soon as possible. With a newspaper, you have the time to get the information ready by print-time, which is always the same.

With a degree in Journalism, you also have options in the corporate world. Like I said, the ability to write and edit copy is a HUGE advantage in the corporate world. You can work at an ad agency, which will allow you some creativity while working a pretty normal schedule. You can also work in corporate communications, which is less creative but allows for a decent salary and a 9-5 schedule.

Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

Samantha Brower