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Warda Bukhari

Well, it completely depends on what kind of writing do you preferably prefer. There is story writing, poetry and etc. If you are generally really good in writing then you should definitely consider English as your major or if journalism is something that you might be interested in, give that a shot. To answer your question, I have another question for you. You are good in writing but what are you going to do with your good writing talent? How are you going to use it? There are several good jobs out there for writing. If you are passionate about writing then go for it, jobs is something that will eventually come your way.
But there are jobs out there like
- English tutor
- English Teacher
- News paper writer
- Short story writer.
Just remember everything, every major require a lot of struggle. If you are ready to go through that struggle than the success if yours :)
Good luck. Hope I helped.

Answered 7 years ago

Warda Bukhari