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Anna Helhoski

If you're not sure which classes to take in college you should first start with where you're at as a student.

If you have not chosen a major, get any basic requirements on your schedule first and take one or two elective courses in fields you might be interested in. That way, you'll be getting required courses out of the way, while also exploring possible majors.

If you have a major then you need to just make sure you're on track to graduate on time. Make sure to take any required courses for graduation and prerequisite courses early on then proceed to take the required amount of electives and credits you need to graduate. Strongly consider a few internships beginning your sophomore year or summer after, if possible. They will help you start your resume and build major credits needed for graduation as well.

If you decide to switch majors, then find out if you can apply any of the courses you have already taken toward completing a minor or a concentration. College is about figuring out what you'd like to do for a career so those courses you took in one major were useful as the experience thadt helped you figure out what it is you do want to be doing. But, by putting that effort toward a minor or concentration, you'll make sure your academic efforts didn't go to waste either.

Answered 6 years ago

Anna Helhoski