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Kate Stout

Writing books is a difficult career, simply because you need to write books that will interest the publishers. In a sense, it's like becoming a pro sports figure - lots of people are good at sports, but only a few become well known NFL or baseball players.

This isn't to discourage you. But it's good to be realistic about how likely it is to get a first book published, and how likely it is to have a book that's a big success. Here's a good resource:

Many writers also have another job that "pays" the rent, whether it's working in marketing writing, or editing, or being a fitness instructor.

If you are interested in writing fiction, some schools have creative writing programs. Doing a major in English or literature is another common path - understanding what good writing and plot is all about can be very helpful. If you have a passion for a particular field, like natural history, or politics, there is no reason not to major in that, and then write about it.

Answered 6 years ago

Kate Stout