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Samantha Brower

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Media Production. I think it is a broad major that encompasses enough that you'd be able to work for a print media AND/OR a TV station. I'd recommend taking print journalism classes (if you choose broadcast major) while at college to help round out your knowledge. Since graduating college two and a half years ago, I've realized that GPA doesn't matter in this field but experience, knowledge and connections do. It's not enough to go to your classes and get decent grades. I'd recommend working for your school paper or TV station (or both!). I made lifelong friends doing that and the connections I made landed me my first job at a news station and then an ad agency.

Also, as a writer, PLEASE take advantage of online publications that allow for contributing writers to submit articles. Sites like Buzzfeed and RYOT are a GREAT way to start building your portfolio. It allows you to write about things you care about and it really will give you an edge when you graduate.

I hope this helps!!

Answered 6 years ago

Samantha Brower