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Elizabeth Morse

There are plenty of outlets to provide journalist pieces to online news sources. Just like newspapers, there are online papers as well. The only issue I would see is finding a way to report on current events in a place you're not physically present. However, I think there are alternative approaches. You could try editorials. Opinion pieces. Things along those lines could offer some journalistic opportunities for you outside of our state.

I guess my advice would be: if you're dead set on not moving out of state to further your career opportunities, then you might want to reconsider. If you're serious about furthering your career opportunities, then I think you have to factor in the potential relocation. Keep in mind that just because you move, doesn't mean you have to stay there either. Say, you move to a different state for an incredible journalism job. After a year or so, you decide that perhaps you don't like the job. Or perhaps you just cannot deal with the state to which you moved to. The option is yours to move back to your home state. Or look at a different state for another opportunity. The options are endless, it's just a matter of prioritizing what you want. What is more important to you: career or location?

Answered 6 years ago

Elizabeth Morse