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Debra DeWeese

Hello! In preparing for any position, I highly encourage a cover letter. It showcases your communication abilities, and can establish a positive introduction.

On your resume, include:

- Your contact information
- Any relevant work experience
- Your work history
- Classes that might be applicable
- Volunteer work
- Interests/hobbies
- Easy to contact references including email addresses and phone numbers

I would keep it to one page. I would shy away from anything personal including age, religion, etc., since it can be viewed as irrelevant to the position.

I know that photos are becoming more popular. As a Recruiter/HR Professional, I find photos distracting. I will assess your information and match it against position requirements for best fit. I find photos more appropriate for marketing your own business as opposed to a resume, however, it's your call.

I hope you find this feedback helpful. Good luck on your resume preparation and subsequent interview!

Debra DeWeese / HR Professional and Virtual Recruiter

Answered 9 years ago

Debra DeWeese