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Katie-Leigh Corder

Hi there!

I would recommend searching for opportunities in your local community be it as an unpaid intern/paid intern at a local newspaper or even starting an online blog to train your writing skills. In the world of journalism, experience conquers educational requirements, though having a degree in journalism or communications is also significant. By starting early in taking on any opportunity in the journalism world you can find (as long as it doesn't overwhelm you), then that is the best way to build your resume and sharpen your skills. When I was 18, I interned at my local newspaper in my hometown for about four to five months before going to college, and it gave me a step up in my experience.

I would also recommend following a journalism track at a university and looking at the different areas they have (writing, multimedia, broadcast, etc.), to see which one you would prefer.

I hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

Katie-Leigh Corder