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Warda Bukhari

First year is usually the hardest year of college because its your first year of experiencing all the change and everything. I hope that's going well for you. Well, to answer your question, I would suggest that you need to keep asking yourself t what do you want to do? What makes you happy? Don't go for high income or money. Take few minutes out of your busy life and think that what do you see yourself doing in ten years? Journalism sounds exciting but as a journalism major I tell you it requires a lot of dedication and time. I am sure when you were in high-school journalism might have sounded really exciting and interesting; however, after taking classes you don't find it suitable for you which is perfectly fine. But if marketing is something you want to do, and if that is what you see yourself doing in ten years than go for it. But if you are still unsure then I would recommend that you might want to look into few more majors and see what grabs your attention. Don't rush into things give yourself sometime and think calmly.
Hope I helped. Good Luck :)

Answered 7 years ago

Warda Bukhari