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Samantha Brower

I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Media Production.

If you don't mind a weird schedule and tight deadlines, an exciting career in broadcast or print media would be fun for you. I worked at a 24-hour news station and it was great, but the schedule was too difficult for me (I worked the 4 am shift). But the knowledge I gained was amazing. If that's the path you choose, you'll learn things like video editing, styling content for broadcast, calling leads, combing through press releases, etc. It's very exciting work sometimes and it can be very rewarding. If you work for a national news station as a reporter or producer, you will have the opportunity to travel and see what's going on around the world. But if you're not interested in news, it can be a little draining.

As far as writing for a newspaper, I don't have any direct experience except for the school paper in college. It was a lot of fun and very exciting. I preferred it over working at the news station, but that's just my preference. Writing for a newspaper allows you more alone time and if you're able to get a job as a reporter, you can write about things you care about. There's also less pressure of meeting a deadline than broadcast journalism. With TV news, it's all about getting stories on-air as soon as possible. With a newspaper, you have the time to get the information ready by print-time, which is always the same.

With a degree in Journalism, you also have options in the corporate world. Like I said, the ability to write and edit copy is a HUGE advantage in the corporate world. You can work at an ad agency, which will allow you some creativity while working a pretty normal schedule. You can also work in corporate communications, which is less creative but allows for a decent salary and a 9-5 schedule.

Hope this helps!

Answered 6 years ago

Samantha Brower