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John Kunney

The best advice I can give any high school student is this. Ask yourself what you would love to do instead of what you would like to do. This should be an occupation that you could do all day so much so, that you would do it for free just for the joy of it. Answer that question and you are well on your way to the right path toward your future. A famous CEO (and forgive my memory because I can’t remember his name) told Oprah Winfrey the secret of his success. He said find something you love and stick with it. The money and the success will come later.

As for me, I’ve always been fascinated by the written word since I was a kid in high school. I m a serious print junkie. I love reading and writing about fiction and non-fiction. People would always tell me that I had a knack for writing and my father once bragged to his friends about the huge book collection I had acquired in my room. I also had an insatiable curiosity (along with my brother) on how things worked. Our parents would buy us toys which we would play with for about a year. Then afterward we would take the toys apart because we wanted to know what made them run.

This insatiable curiosity on how things work and my love of reading and writing led me to a career as a technical writer. What I love the most about my job is that it’s never the same. For the most part I work for the defense industry writing technical manuals on how to use, repair, remove, install, maintain various technologies. One minute I could be writing a manual for a cargo plane, the next for a tactical fighter, or the next an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The subjects of the manuals are always changing and are very exciting to work with (I even had to turn down writing technical manuals for the Apache attack helicopter so I could take care of my mom).

The second thing I love the most about my job is I pretty much work on my own. My boss isn t always looking over my shoulder and I can work at my own pace. My writing skills are always tested as well as my creativity.

In order for me to help you with your decision, I want you to complete an assignment for me. This might help you make a decision on what direction you would like to pursue. First of all I want you copy and paste this link into your web address in your tool bar:


This will take you to the Amazon.com website where you will see a book entitled, Mastery. On the visual of the book directly to your left I want you to hover your pointer over the spot where it says, Click to LOOK INSIDE. A menu will appear and from there I want you to click on where it says, Front Pages. After you click there it will take you to the inside of the book. Turn to page 21 and start reading from the Chapter entitled, THE HIDDEN FORCE. I want you to read from there all the way until you get to the INDEX on the last page then stop. Now before you feel overwhelmed reading all those pages don’t worry. This is allowing you access to a few sample pages. In fact when you start reading you’re going to find that some of the pages are missing. But don t worry about that because these few pages cover what you need to know. I would actually recommend that you buy the book for yourself, but if you want to save money then just follow the directions I’ve given to you here.

Answered 4 years ago

John Kunney