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Alan Bockhaus

A huge aspect of writing is ability to type fast and accurate. Spell check helps, I sure do need it, but I honestly believe the future of writing will be voice recognition software . You will simple tell your story or by-line into a microphone and out comes your text. So instead of writing you will tell your story out loud. You have to know all that crazy punctuation and grammatically stuff. (see spelling ain't my high point.) I should not use conjunctions in professional writing, did you know that, writers (should anyways) use do not and not don't. You have to speak that way also. Another aspect of writing is you will be called upon to proof read other material for errors, mistakes, punctuation stuff. That can be boring, but you will have to do it.
So what kind of writer do you what to be.
Children books
Adult books
the list is huge and they will overlap at times. Start writing children books and in a few years start writing adult and then movies scripts. The opportunities are indeed endless for writers.

Answered 7 years ago

Alan Bockhaus