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Andrea Reitman

The main thing is to keep loving it!! The publishing industry is in flux but there will always be a need for good writers and that being a good writer will help you no matter what path you follow. If you keep writing and keep up with where the market is going, you can work with it. There is work in editorial and journalism (though it's changed a lot in the past decade.) I know that writing copy can be lucrative, as can blogging, so, it's a good idea to learn the fine point of these careers. If you write fiction, please go to a good university that will offer quality internships and help you make industry connections. I know there's part of you that's wondering if it's even necessary. As a writer with numerous publications and many friends who are also writers, I'm telling you it helps! The friend I have who is most successful in fiction writing got his Masters' from University of Iowa. Meanwhile, stay of top of the world of writing, submit your work, as much as you can, always be true to your muse and never forget the most important word in the English language: And....

Answered 9 years ago

Andrea Reitman