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John Kunney

The question shouldn't be which is the best college to attend for creative writing. The question you should be asking yourself is do you have a great idea for a story? Keep in mind that a lot of great authors never majored in English. Some took a small creative writing class and then launched themselves to stardom on the literary stage.

I think Stephen King said it best. He said don't concentrate on being a great writer, just concentrate on being a good one. A degree in English would definitely help you on the journey to becoming a creative writer. But I've seen plenty of the best storytellers find success without it. Enter this link within your address bar and check it out for yourself:


If you have just the basic writing skills then you don't really need a college. But if you think that you have a great story idea that will keep the readers turning the pages, then all you have to do is write the story for publication.

Answered 4 years ago

John Kunney