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Is it best to have a bachelors in Journalism than communications?

I want to make sure I'm majoring in the right one, which would be best for a news anchor dream job? also do you know the difference in television/broadcasting and Electronic Media? which one would prepare me to be in front of the camera?

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Latiana Blue


I'm a communications major at my current university. Before then, I was a print journalism major at a large, prominent state school. In any major you choose, the most important thing is to make it worthwhile- meeting people in your desired field, exploring opportunities (internships, volunteering, etc), and joining anything on campus that relates to your desired field in some way.

News Anchor would connote you are a highly effective communicator who speaks well with presence. SO many opportunities are out there to help you gain strength in these areas- doing PR or outreach for an org you like, working with groups of people, etc! If I had to choose- journalism would be a better choice for you. But make sure to work your way into being on camera. Even starting a youtube page would be fun.

Technically electronic media composes all of those because they're utilizing technology. Electronic media can be broken down into social media, for example, and broadcast can be broken down into info that is fed to you through people speaking out to you (E! News for example). Electronic media, to me, is the mode of communicating, and broadcast is HOW it is delivered. Makes sense? Good question, because it does blend a lot!

Answered 4 years ago

Latiana Blue