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Andi Beyers

I have written several books and tried self-publishing and publishing houses. I don't recommend either of these if you can get in to a bonafide publisher. For one thing, they offer only limited support to market and sell your book, and the cost is much higher for you. To find a good publisher who might be interested in your work, I recommend researching the current new releases in the genres you choose, and contacting those publishers in writing with a proposal. Don't send your manuscript with the proposal unless they ask for it or you will be dismissed out of hand. Simply send a letter of interest to the publisher explaining your writing interest, and be prepared to submit a sample when they ask. Be prepared also to be rejected 50-100 times for every acceptance you receive; you will need to be patient and persistent. Don't give up! Once you're in the door with a good publisher, (not a publishing house,) the rest is gravy. Avoid vanity press at all costs; it does more damage than help to your reputation and your name as an author.

Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Andi Beyers