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Bradley Kerr

English degrees are versatile! My friend works as a magazine editor and had an English degree. Another friend got a Masters and became a librarian. A third friend went to grad school to become an English professor. Another option is secondary English teacher. I majored in English and Psychology, and in my work as a research coordinator, the writing skills I developed in my English major are now invaluable. So, don't feel restricted to jobs with the word "English" in them. You will have many options! However, you may have trouble without considering some other ways to prepare for a career.

Some things to consider are:
1. Gain work experience while in undergrad. An English degree will give you great communication skills, but to get a job you'll need work experience in something.
2. Think about a minor or second major. An English major will provide you with some great skills and a great liberal education. It may be worth considering a second focus that is more vocational in nature. Employers are often really impressed if you've finished a double major. If it's paired with something something

Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

Bradley Kerr