Abhishek’s Story

Abhishek Sarihan

My name is Abhishek Sarihan and I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2010 with a ?degree in Electrical and Computer engineering. I subsequently got a job in ?Kansas City in a software engineering role. I worked at the company for a ?little under 2 years and have recently made a move to Houston to work as a ?software engineer in the energy industry.

Education and specifically the importance of college education has always ?been a big part of me and my family. My parents instilled the importance of ?getting a good education on me from an early age, and having reaped the ?benefits of a college education already in my short career, I constantly ?feel the need to guide and motivate young students to try and get good ?education. This motivated me to join StudentMentor.org and still motivates ?me to try and inspire young kids to pursue a good education and just gain ?knowledge.

My mentee is a college student pursuing a degree in software engineering. I ?have been helping him by guiding him about major industry standards and ?programming languages that are used very frequently in the software ?industry. Having worked in the industry for a couple of years, I know the ?trends of the industry and want to share my knowledge with Enock at an early ?stage so that he can pick up on some of these key software concepts at an ?early stage to prepare himself best for the industry in the future once he ?graduates.

I have received a great response from Enock so far and the experience has ?been great for me as well. It is very fulfilling when you can see your ?mentee being appreciative of the knowledge that you have imparted. I have ?thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Enock so far and I expect this ?experience to only get better as we both get to know each other even more.

I would completely recommend StudentMentor.org to others. I have had a good ?experience with my mentorship program so far and expect the same in the ?future.