Amanda’s Story

Amanda Vogelsang 2

I’m currently an analyst for a marketing strategy consulting firm. ?Throughout my career, I’ve had people who have been helping me along the ?way and I like being able to do that for someone else. So far I’ve been so ?impressed with how driven my mentee has been and how eager she is to learn. ?In short, I’m very happy I can help.

I’ve provided general advice around marketing and consulting as well as ?tips on effective marketing communication. This includes how to effectively ?present to clients and types of inspiration for creating memorable client ?communications. I’ve also helped with resume and cover letter development.

Mentoring provides a comfortable environment in which to ask questions to ?learn more about what you can do and how you get there. Navigating through ?college and career is confusing and it makes it less stressful to get ?advice from someone who has been there. This leads to more successful ?people– and successful people create successful societies.