Amanda’s Story


My name is Amanda Spaunhorst and I am currently a junior at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO pursuing a degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. My ultimate goal is to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. With that career goal in mind, my education has always been a priority. I have worked very hard to be where I am at and to make my education as affordable for my family as possible. Earning a career in the medical profession is extremely competitive and I am constantly battling the pressure to do exceptionally well in all of my classes. Although it has been a challenge to maintain good grades with my demanding schedule, it has taught me a lot of skills such as time management that will aid me in my future career.

When I found out about, I couldn’t wait to sign up and start interacting with people who were currently employed in a field that I hope to be employed in. My main questions pertained to preparing for the MCAT and getting into medical school. My school does not provide a medical school advisor so I was eager to get help from mentors who were active in the career I am pursuing who could provide first-hand knowledge. My mentors have helped me tremendously in preparing for applying to medical school. One of my mentors even offered to set-up a mock interview so I could prepare for the high-stress medical school interviews. I couldn’t believe that this mentor was willing to put so much time and effort into helping a student like me. I have been overwhelmed by the willingness of my mentors and hope to be a mentor to students like me after reaching my goals.

I would absolutely recommend to others and already have to my friends. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with people who are actively participating in the careers students are interested in. The mentors are very eager to provide guidance and are very prompt in their responses. I have gained such valuable information through my mentorship and hope that the word gets out about this program so that other students can receive the same guidance.