Christine’s Story

Christine_Kinsey 2

I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past six years and it has been a very excited opportunity to thrive, grow, and develop my career. In 2008, I graduated from the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management located in Orlando, FL where I had the pleasure of taking exciting courses with amazing, experienced and knowledgable professors from all around the world. Before graduation, I became thoroughly interested in the hotel industry and decided to pursue that after I accepted a position as a front office agent at a local resort in Orlando. My experience as a front desk agent taught me a lot about the hotel industry and gave me a lot of strength, which helped my excel in the hotel industry. From then on, I accepted a recreation position with a global hotel company, where I was able to assist guests around the pool area. The resort where I worked was gorgeous and had swimming pools, a private beach, a rock wall, water slides, a health club, and a daycare center for children. While in recreation, I was able to also gain experience in our hotel’s departments such as food and beverage and catering, which was a lot of fun! Currently, I am working in the accounting department and learning the ‘back of the house’ side of the hotel industry which is always exciting.

Something about the hospitality industry is that it is never a dull moment and that each day is so different from the next, which is so exciting to me. Joining is so rewarding to me because I am so passionate about helping others take their journey on this sometimes confusing pathway of entering the job world. When I was in college, I honestly wasn’t sure of what I wanted to major in, but once I entered the hotel world it finally clicked in that this is where I definitely belong, and I strive to be the one to give fellow students that similar feeling of following their dreams and ensuring that they are doing what they are passionate about.

Helping my mentees is the best feeling in the world and just to know that my words can affect someone’s life is such a touching experience for me to be rewarded with. I have been helping my mentees figure out the journey that they wish to take once they enter the career field.

I will endlessly recommend getting involved with to everyone. This experience is definitely worth it and to have the ability to affect someone’s life is breathtaking and so rewarding. Getting involved is easy and fun, and is something that I definitely wished that I would have known about back in my college days, where there are so many unanswered questions and so much pressure put upon everyone.