Clare’s Story

Clare Jordan 2

During college an unlikely obstacle for me was the feeling that there were ?too many choices available. I was constantly swinging in different career ?directions that were very different from each other. One day I would ?investigate photography, then the next day I would think about the ?possibility of becoming a psychologist. I finally narrowed my options by ?focusing on the classes that I truly enjoyed and felt a passionate interest ?in the field. Several mentors also contribute to my career development.

My high school psychology teacher and one of my college psychology ?professors contributed to my career development. They both were open to ?answering my endless questions about the different career options available ?to a student studying psychology. The information that they provided me ?was a contributing factor in my final decision to stick to psychology as a ?major and career path.

My undergraduate career indecision inspired me to become a ?career counselor. I am passionate about passing on to others the tools ?that can help someone clarify their career path. I love the feeling of ?providing information to people that will deeply impact their lives. I ?hope every mentee on will be able to find this feeling of ?deep satisfaction in their career.

Currently, I am a career counselor at a community college. I provide career ?counseling to assist students with clarification of educational goals and ?career selection, including guidance on academic majors. Also, I conduct ?workshops and presentations for students on career exploration, ?decision-making, goal setting, campus resources, and other related topics.

I was motivated to join because I enjoy helping students ?explore career options and reach their full potential. When I did my ?undergraduate degree in psychology I was very unsure what my career options ?would be when I graduated and this caused me anxiety. I want to share what ?I have learned about career development with student who are in the same ?spot I was in.

This experience has been very fulfilling to me. I have helped my mentees ?with career compatibility and how to research labor market information. ?Also, I have explained to my mentees why I chose to get my master’s degree ?in education and what careers paths are open to someone with that level of ?education.

I definitely recommend getting involved with They are a ?reputable organization that helps countless students. There are many ?benefits of involvement, but the biggest one for me has been the sense of ?”paying it forward” by passing on knowledge.