Dasha’s Story

Dasha Boguslavskaya

I graduated from Pace University in NY, NY with a B.A. in political science and economics – I was also on ?the Model United Nations team that earned one of the highest achievements ?possible. I received my MBA from La Salle University in Philadelphia, ?focusing on marketing and international business. I used to tutor students ?while a student myself in undergrad and grad school, and realized that ?teaching is something I was very much passionate about. I started realizing ?that there are so many students that have no idea where to go and who to ?ask for help, and that’s when I got into higher education.

Mentoring is important to me because if not for others in my past taking ?time out and guiding me and answering my questions, I wouldn’t be here ?where I am today. There is a great quote by Winston Churchill “We make a ?living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”, that has always ?reminded me of how important it is to not only received but to also give to ?others. Knowledge is a powerful tool and if we as a society stand together ?and continue to give our knowledge to our next generation, then perhaps we ?will continue a legacy that we were meant to continue.

There are always different challenges since most of the students I meet ?with are all incredibly different. Whether it’s an international student, ?or a first generation college student, or even a transfer student from a ?community college – they all have different needs and different types of ?mentoring they seek. I try to stay focused on each individual need and not ?lump every student together and keep an open mind to all the different ?diversities that each student can offer.

One of the most rewarding moments as an instructor is usually on graduation ?days (which happen 3 times a year here at Temple University), when one of ?my students who I have been working with runs up to me to say thank you – ?at that point you know it’s all worth it.