Doug’s Story

Doug 2

Please describe your background (i.e. current job, industry, etc.) and what motivated you to join

I am a 30 year veteran of Silicon Valley with a background in leading teams, and hardware/software development. I’ve also worked extensively globally, particularly over the last four years. My experience includes large organizations like Apple and IBM, entrepreneurial organizations, and recently working with governments. attracted me through both the mission and its innovative approach. If my experience can help someone early in their career (or pre-career) in illuminating some of their decisions, that’s great! I want to help! Also, the model lends itself particularly well to issue-oriented help. While I hope to build some lasting relationships through my work, I mostly look at it as a way to provide a little help, just when it is needed, and when it can fit in my schedule.

What have you been helping the mentee on and how has this experience been for you?

All of my work to date has been helping people in career choice, and some advice on solving existing career issues. Its been a great experience! Of course, I don’t have any magic answers for anyone, but I have much deeper experience than my mentees, and I can often give them new thoughts on how to approach a problem, or additional perspective. Often, it doesn’t take much to really help someone, and that is really gratifying.

Would you recommend getting involved with to others?

Get involved! StudentMentor has something to offer for both mentors and mentees. For mentors, you have an opportunity to take your experience and expertise, and help someone starting out – and it is a lightweight process. For mentees, you can get free access to some people with a strong base of experience to help you brainstorm, or reflect on your own solutions, while of course leaving all decisions in your hands.