Eric’s Story

Eric Johnsen_3

What’s your background (i.e. current job, industry, etc.) and what motivated you to join

My name is Eric Johnsen and I have been in healthcare administration for 18 years, and then started my own insurance agency focusing on professional liability insurance for medical providers since 2004. I’ve been fortunate to have had experience in virtually all aspects of healthcare delivery, and work on projects now associated with geriatric chronic care education, career pathway development, and several non-profit ventures.

My work with non-profits includes President of the Board for Shelter Outreach Plus – homeless shelters and housing victims of domestic violence – , youth soccer from field development to league management, gang violence prevention, etc. and non-profit collaboration in back office areas.

I really have a passion for youth and young adults to not only help provide great opportunities for education, but to also choose careers not motivated by money, but passion and service. The things I remember most in my career and life have to do with people and making a difference in the community, not promotions, money or prestige. I believe I can help students in this direction.

??What have you been helping your mentee(s) with and how has this experience been for you?

My limited time thus far has been focused on providing several options to my students about approaching a career, exploring the necessary education to get there, practical job experience that is helpful on the way, and challenging students to think of a career in the context of commitment and service to their community. The interaction is fun and joyful, and the students very appreciative of the time and help.

??Would you recommend getting involved with to others?

Yes. It is fun, it provides a lifetime of experience to others, and it hooks up youth with adults, resulting in some bridges that might not otherwise be formed. It gives me hope in our next generation.