Frank’s Story

Frank Weicks 2

My name is Frank Weicks and I am a retired law enforcement and intelligence analysis professional with 34 years of experience, both domestic and international. I began volunteering as a teenager, and continued that tradition throughout my career and into retirement. In 1996, I received the U. S. Attorney General’s (Janet Reno) National Volunteer Service Award. In 1998, I helped found the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was awarded the U.S. State Department’s Award for Volunteerism Abroad by Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2003.

I have always enjoyed mentoring young students and professionals during the course of my life. When my wife and I returned from 13 years of living abroad in Thailand and performing extensive volunteer work overseas I wanted to do some volunteer work for students in the U.S.A. I checked out the various possibilities locally and on-line and decided that might be a good fit for me to contribute in another way.

Even though I have only been mentoring with for a relatively short time, it has been rewarding trying to help young students find their way. I believe that I have been able to provide ideas and professional guidance to students particularly interested in careers in law enforcement or intelligence analytical work. With my background and experience in these areas, I have been able to make them aware of the rewards and some of the pitfalls that they may encounter if they enter these particular professions in the public sector. Some of the students that I have mentored need particular guidance and knowledge of the many ways that they can best prepare themselves and achieve their goal(s) of obtaining entry-level positions in the fields of law enforcement or intelligence analytical work.

I would definitely recommend to other experienced professionals, who have the time and desire to volunteer in assisting students. The communication facilitation that personnel have provided to me has been exemplary. I also like the fact that you are offered several potential mentee(s) but you can choose between them and select those whom you feel you can help the most.