Jacob’s Story

Jacob Greene 2

My name is Jacob Greene and currently I am a sophomore in college with the goal of finding my passion and ultimately, the career of my dreams. Right now I work at Pratt & Whitney, drafting and modeling aircraft engine parts. I am thankful that my supervisor saw the potential in me to work aside other very experienced engineers and the determination to develop a greater insight to the professional world. This job has given me an abundance of computer and engineering skills as well as what it is like to work with others with integrity and a great work ethic.

Although I appreciate my current employment, I know I don’t want to do this long-term and that there is a greater calling for me that combine my creative abilities and the business world. This is why I turned to StudentMentor.org, a program that has greatly benefited me while searching for the career path for me. I sought the mentorship of two individuals, both with extensive experience in marketing. I described my situation to each and inquired as to what their job entails and what they love about their jobs. I was surprised with prompt responses from both asking what type of personality I have, my talents, and answering my questions I had about their jobs. As a result of their advice, I found that marketing is a vast field and that I should choose to seek a route that incorporates my creative personality, my desire to travel, and ability to speak German. Right now I am investigating marketing careers specific to advertising and brand management. I owe both my mentors great appreciation for guiding me in the right path and giving me the confidence to search for a career path that suits me.

I would definitely recommend StudentMentor.org to any student who is curious about one or several career paths. Remember, there are tons of options out there and we all have the power to find what is right for us. Studentmentor.org is a great resource for finding the inspiration you need.