Jarrod’s Story

Jarrod Kroah 2

I worked in political fundraising for five years however I am currently looking for a new job.  I have had nothing but great experiences in fundraising but I am looking to get in to a more traditional marketing role.  I was motivated to join this organization based on all of the great learning experiences I had moving up the corporate ladder and knowing how valuable that information would have been to me coming out of college.  Some examples of obstacles that I faced that immediately come to mind: how to effectively speak to your supervisor about results with an action plan and not excuses, how to make a persuasive presentation and impress everyone in the room, important tips on client interaction, steps toward closing a sale or earning new business, and how to set yourself apart from your peers by going the extra mile. This type of ‘inside’ information was never taught to me in college and without a great mentor of my own during my first year on the job I feel I would still be learning these things myself.

My mentee is interested in working in advertising which I have had some experience with and have close friends in the industry.  Getting a job in the advertising industry is a daunting task and having experience is so very critical that most of our discussions have centered on how to get relevant experience and build a portfolio.  I have enjoyed sharing some of the lessons I learned from my attempts to get in to advertising in college and ideas I have for building a portfolio.  I feel like our discussions have been very productive and I have really enjoyed it.

I would absolutely recommend StudentMentor.org to others!