Lucy’s Story

Lucy Chen

My name is Lucy Chen. A few months back, I turned 20 years old, and decided to take a further leap of action in my life. Currently, I am running my own start-up company—called Earth Exchange—while remaining a full-time student at the University of Phoenix majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Prior to this step in my life, I believed in a traditional undergraduate role of a college student: I attended the University of La Verne majoring in Political Science and worked part-time as an eye care consultant, which was a very comfortable lifestyle. However, after two years, I felt my ambitions were impatient. I knew what I eventually want to do with my life, which is own multiple businesses, but I did not have many paths that steadily lead to it.

When I started my own business, I held onto my leadership experiences in high school as the Chief Executive Officer in my Virtual Enterprise class and my Vice Presidency of Future Business Leaders of America (FLBA). However, I know I lack the experience of those who are, simply said, older than me. I approached with hopes to achieve valuable business instruction as well as emotional support. The problem I had throughout my college years was that I didn’t have mentor that can provide both. I had counselors that offer emotional support through my processes; however, were not as able to help me with the problems of wanting to start a business. I had professional consultations, but they do not offer emotional support.

My mentors, Jay and Sam, were extremely helpful and supportive. They provide deep insight into my business, and direct me towards the right path if they are uncertain of answers. They also offered plenty of emotional support by offering advice about how to manage my personal life and my professional life. is a program that offers pathways to goals. Even though I am incredibly independent and ambitious, I recommend because the right guidance is always advantageous to make a path brighter.