Mark’s Story

Mark 3

My name is Mark Lombardi-Nelson, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg. I am double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Finance, while also being the Vice-President of the student body. I intend on studying abroad, learning three new languages, facilitating large groups using the creative problem solving process, and starting my own businesses.

I have faced many challenges along the way in my education, and looking back, each one of them has taught me something different. I come from a very impoverished family, so I have been working hard for everything I have now. I have excelled in my academics, as well as my co-curricular activities, thus being able to receive scholarships to continue attending college. Some people would say that being a first generation student is challenging, though I find it fun to be the first to do something. My parents had no idea of what to expect for college, since my mother had dropped out of high school and my father achieved his GED. I have also had to pitch in financially with my family, though it is not as much as I would like to. I helped out with Christmas and some bills now and then, though it’s the least I can do. The biggest challenge I have faced while in school is not being able to do everything I want to do. There are so many more opportunities now then ever before, and coming from the place where I did it is incomparable. I work part-time, go to school full time, have a social life, and participate throughout the entire student life.

I was excited about my mentor because he classified himself as an Entrepreneur and I believe in the same for myself, thus studying Entrepreneurship. I have asked my mentor how he got started in business and how he has been able to maintain what he has done in the past with different businesses. I have spoken with my mentor a few times and he has provided some of his insight on how certain businesses work and relate into the business market.

I would highly recommend to others! If you can make a connection with a professional in a field you want to go into, or even a professional with basic knowledge you will be ahead of the game!