MaryAnn’s Story

MaryAnn Ma-Nais 2

My name is MaryAnn Ma-Nais and my goal is to become successful in whatever career path that I choose and love what I do in order to fulfill all that God has in store for me. During my years in college I had a full time job, in which I worked 36 hours within 3 days and I had to take care of my mother and siblings by sending them money with every paycheck I received. My mother was out of work for years so it was my duty to be that extra support for my family. I never had a problem in doing so, but it was tough trying to work and focus on my coursework. However, I never used that as an excuse. I am proud to say that I am the first of my immediate family to graduate from college. I have brothers that are 17 and 19 and an autistic sister who’s 28 years of age. These times were difficult but it has proven that I came to college to do one thing and that was to achieve a higher education and receive a degree. I have achieved that and I could never be more thankful to God that I was able to make it through those tough times.

My membership on has been of tremendous aid in my journey on discovering what path I should take with my degree. My mentor Dr. Priya Gaiha (a general surgeon) has given me insight on her everyday life and gave me vision on the path that she took to get her to where she is today. My selection for her was based on her profile in which I read upon asking her to be my mentor. I felt that, not only were we both biology/health majors but she understands the struggle and challenges that I face with the degree that I have. Dr. Gaiha has expanded my horizons with the many options that she’s provided in showing me what I could do with my degree. I feel that she is very concerned with the outcome of my future success and that she is passionate about lending a helping hand. With the mentor that I have and my experiences so far I would most definitely recommend to anyone that is in my position or anyone that wants to see life and careers from a more experienced point of view.