Megan’s Story

Megan McKay

Hello, I am Megan MacKay. I completed a chemistry degree in 2006 and worked my way into pharmacy school in 2009.  Currently, I am finishing my education while volunteering and working.

Along the way, I have faced many challenges, those every student faces, from deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up, to taking major entrance exams for medical school entrance.

I have worked while attending school during my entire educational career.  I have had to support myself while attending college and try to lead a balanced life at the same time.  While I love to keep busy and involved in many extracurricular activities, I have had to learn when the right time for doing such is proper. makes it easy for me to help other students who are in the same position I was once in while I continue pursuing my goals.  I have been helping my mentee with advice on what to look for with volunteering opportunities for his goals and what classes would be good to take with each other.

I would recommend for both students seeking advice from professionals and professionals looking to help.  What a perfect idea, and so easy to use!