Michelle’s Story

Michelle Labrie 2

My name is Michelle and I’m currently a Project Manager for an HR Technology group. I was a MIS major and I started in IT group as a programmer analyst for company internet pages. My subsequent roles in IT included the following: Performance Tester (use tools to load test internet pages and provide results on how many users the environment can handle at once), Functional Test Lead or Tester (write test scripts based on requirements and complete testing to find defects in code), Business Analyst (gather requirements from the business and write documentation). While working full-time, I have earned my MBA and PMP.

I was motivated to join StudentMentor.org, because it seemed like a great opportunity to share my experiences with others in a convenient and secure manner. The site is easy to use and I receive email alerts for mentee requests, so I don’t have to check the tool. I have been helping mentees with questions in regards to education (i.e., college length, majors, etc.) and career paths (i.e., type of corporate positions, starting their own company, etc.). I am excited about hopefully helping others make better decisions for the future. I would definitely recommend others to use StudentMentor.org, it is convenient and rewarding. It’s an indescribable feeling to help other people.