Moorthy’s Story

Moorthy Subbiah

What’s your current job? And, how has mentoring impacted your life (in ?college, in the workplace, etc.)?

I am a Consultant, Entrepreneur and President of United Techno Solutions, ?Inc.

I am a Chemical Engineer by education, working as consultant for Pharma ?compliance and Enterprise IT solutions. I am also running my company which ?is providing IT application development services and product development. I ?have learned a lot from my teachers, professors, friends and colleagues ?throughout my life. It is easy to learn things from an experienced mentor ?than from a book or an academic institution.

What specific things have you been helping your mentee(s) with and how ?has this experience been for you?

I have been helping engineering students in choosing career path, available ?job opportunities, pursuing internship and research options.

Why is mentoring important to you? To society as a whole?

The words “Sharing is Caring” applies to knowledge sharing as well. ?Mentoring helps increase my own knowledge and gives a sense of satisfaction ?and purpose in life. Knowledge sharing and mentoring is a responsibility ?and the only possible alternative to uplift any society and people. With ?the arrival of new technologies and social tools, knowledge sharing and ?mentoring has become easier and has the potential to change the life of ?millions in the near future.