Mykim’s Story

Mykim Tran 2

My name is Mykim Tran and I am an Asian female in the speaking/consulting industy as a Motivational Speaker/Life Coach. I do most of my speaking and consulting in a Club called “Club Revive” under The Gifted Healing Center Inc in Sacramento, California to motivate and inspire others to believe in themselves, be able to take control of their life in order to develop an extraordinary life for themselves.

What motivate me to join is because I able to find a very fulfillment lifetstyle and want and enjoy sharing and helping others to find their own fulfullment lifestyle for themselves.

The main thing that I have helped my mentees with is career development and how to stay focus on their dream career. By helping my mentees with their career development, it has helped me to also stay focus with my dream career and do not give up when things get tought. There will be times when things will be difficult, but it is so important to stay focus and move forward no matter what happen in life.

I would definitely recommended with others because to be able to help others is very fulfilling that anyone could experience. I believe that to help others discover what they want out of life will not only bring them, but also myself happiness. I believe that when something good develops, everyone will benefit, and that is why I would recommend to others.